Reviews by Anthony T.
Anthony T.

Sakhr was the perfect guide! Not only did he take me to some very cool and hip restaurants with delicious food, but also gave a short but thorough history lesson on Soho. Besides walking away satiated, I also gained a lot of knowledge on how Soho became the area that it is today. Very glad that I signed up for this one, will have to redo the tour the next time I'm in London so that I can taste "the best gelato in London"!

Anthony T.

These boys know how to party! Had a great time, made some new friends and danced the night away!!I Will definitely look them up again the next time I'm in London.

Anthony T.

Had a great time with Kathryn, saw parts of London that I probably wouldn't have gone to see by myself. I tell people that she took me to Brixton and I get looks of horror, but I am very glad we went there as it isn't so bad! I felt safe in the hands of a "local". The pizza lunch was great, best in London (Kathryn's opinion), and walking around the markets was a real eye opener. Oh and very much enjoyed the hot chocolate spiked with brandy! YUM! Kathryn is a great guide, very knowledgeable despite being an expat Aussie (!), and it was cool just to hang out and chat for a bit to evade the chilly outdoors.

Reviews for Anthony T.
Kathryn G.

It most definitely got colder throughout the afternoon, which I think came as a bit of a shock to the system for the traveller from balmy Oz. Anthony was more than pleased to go with my suggestion of London's so called best pizza in Brixton Market, as too with the hot drinks (French hot chocolate with brandy anyone?) throughout the afternoon. The weather proved too cold to sustain us getting the most out of local London outdoors, so we ended up at a favourite little nook of a coffee house in Shoreditch where we spent most of our time talking instead of walking. Anthony was a very cool customer (pardon the pun) and it was great to have someone content in hanging out - beyond just ticking places off a list - that we ran almost an hour over schedule.

Jeremie L.

We had a great party with anthony, Felt like friends enjoying London nightlife

Sakhr A.

It was great taking Anthony on the tour – it was his first time in London, and he loved the places we went to (phew!). Anthony – it's fantastic that you're totally into the Vayable concept...do some more tours in London, you won't regret it. And when you're back in Sydney, sign up and start some tours of your own, you'd be a great guide!