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My Shangri-La, My Adventures in Asia by Sally Swope

“My Shangri-La is not only a fascinating and well-written record of a personal pilgrimage to Asia, it is a memoir filled with information about sacred festivals, endangered orangutans, and cultural practices that differ dramatically from our “rituals” in the West. When you finish it, you’ll want to book your ticket as soon as possible.”

Karen Randall, former English Department Chair
Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco

My Shangri-La published in 2014

My Shangri-La, My adventures in Asia, is a collection of stories about Sally Swope’s travels in Asia. She writes about the Hungry Ghosts festival in Bali, the Great Mother festival in India, the two thousand temples in Pagan, Myanmar, and the primitive Dani tribe in Irian Jaya. She chose each destination for a reason and she invites you to experience the Asia she saw many years ago. You can visit the same places today that Sally wrote about and shows in her photos.

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Sally S.

Trip through the hippies era of the 60s, see footage of the summer of love and drift back, back to a time of flower power. Let the favorite toons of the 60s and 70s stir your memory and sing along to what moves you, maybe Blind Faith. Remember with nostalgia scenes of Janis Joplin at the Fillmore West projected on screens covering the windows. Fast and funny dialog as you breeze around town, seeing off-beat sights and learning tid-bits about the city. Victorians were once sold in a box, a make-it-yourself kind of pad. Like Ken Kesey's bus trip without the mushrooms.