Reviews - Kathryn G.

Mike S.

Ms. Geels is an "AWESOME" London tour guide. She took my Wife & I on a wonderful many hour walking & transit tour just as we planned based on our prearranged criteria. I can assure you that the next time we're in London we will ask Kathryn to one-up herself . . . . Thank you Kathryn ! ! ! !

Melissa L.

Unfortunately, Kathryn was already booked for the day I wanted a tour, so instead I decided to have her write me a local itinerary for London. She surveyed me on my interests and developed a personal plan based on where I would already be in the city. She stretched the plan out so that I had activities to do in the morning and in the afternoon. It worked out perfectly and was a good combination of some touristy sightseeing and more unique things. I appreciated all her traveling tips and resources too. Money well spent! I'd definitely recommend this itinerary.


My sister and I did a tour with Kathryn, and it was an absolute pleasure. She showed us parts of London that we had never seen (despite having lived in the city / visited many times), and was very engaging. We had a lot of fun hanging out, eating, and drinking our way through the city!

Michael B.

The entire experience with Kathryn was delightful. She promptly responded to our request and gathered information on our preferences in order to plan a route that we would enjoy. We asked to see places that we might not find on our own and we were not disappointed! We visited an art gallery and a chocolate shop where we enjoyed a chocolate beer. We discovered great places to shop and dine and viewed the architecture and street art along the way. Near the end of our time together, Kathryn offered her contact information so that she could assist with directions or questions that we might have during the remainder of our stay. Later that evening she sent an email that listed all of the places we visited with links to additional information for each. It was very appreciated and useful as we returned to some of those places on our own. It was a wonderful experience filled with great conversation that truly captured the local feel of London!

Erin W.

Had a great time exploring areas of London that we would never have discovered in our short time in London. Kathryn guided us to different communities that really showed the different layers of London. Well worth the time spent! She is an excellent guide with a great personality.

Ed N.

This was not only our first time in London but in Europe so having a guide like Kathryn was the best thing we could have done. She was very accommodating for our schedule and met us at our hotel a few hours after we landed and gave us a quick walking tour of less touristy neighborhoods, introduced us to the bus and tube systems and then took us to a nice fish and chips restaurant where she very patiently answered all our questions about all the unfamiliar menu items. Actually we had lots of questions the entire time about London, the culture, etc and she answered them all with good cheer so having a guide like Kathryn with a loose itinerary is almost like meeting a friend showing us around and hugely beneficial for us starting a trip in an unfamiliar part of the world! Thanks to Kathryn I can now say I've used a Thomas Crapper toilet. :-) Looking forward to another tour next time!

Kris A.

Kathryn is very knowledgeable of London and "off the beaten path" areas. We enjoyed out time with her.

Kevin B.

My (new) wife and I had a short day-and-a-half stopover in London on our way to Africa for our honeymoon, and since I had been before but my significant other had NOT I wanted a fun way to see parts of the city that most tourists wouldn't know about. What a perfect solution Kathryn's tour turned out to be! We loved meeting her at Waterloo station, taking the buses around to Brixton and Clerkenwell for market browsing and a couple pub visits, and just hearing about life in a completely different part of the world. Kathryn definitely demonstrations a true love and deep admiration for her hometown. She was a huge wealth of knowledge. It was so nice not to be stuck in the same ol' museum lines during our quick stay. We hope to keep in touch and revisit the city again sometime soon....Kathryn feels like a true friend already!!

Morley C.

We met an energetic, beautiful, fashionable gal the second day we arrived in London. The timing was very good for us, as we needed a quick course on the Tube, and the bus system. Not only did she help us feel comfortable with both, she accompanied us to some very funky, unique places we would not have seen, had she not been our guide. We really enjoyed our day with Kathryn, and we would highly recommend her touring services to anyone who wishes to experience a very interesting taste of London. Morley and Susan Cooper Victoria BC Canada


Kathryn was excellent and very easy to talk to. She showed us around her favourite local haunts and brought us to places she frequents. Was really a treat to get a local's perspective of London and just be able to get a taste of their lives in London. Very authentic and such a treat to be able to have a local show us the sights from their eyes. :) Our fav was Exmouth Market - was such a gem and completely hidden away from tourists - was not crowded at all unlike the usual markets in London which are always swarming with crowds. We also really enjoyed Regent's Canal and just seeing the house boat cafes and observing the activities around the river - wish we had more time to stop in and enjoy a cuppa.

Rasha P.

Wow! what a rush. It feels like we went every where and did every thing. The tour was well worth the money. I enjoyed all of the different modes of transportation that we utilized, and the market place we dropped in on was perfect; as were pubs. The things we did and the places we went were places I never would have located on my own. The tour guide Kathryn was great, she even took us to our final destination at the theater to catch a show near Victoria Station and the restaurant we were to eat at before the event. I would definitely do another tour with Kathryn again, with so much to see and do in London this tour is by far the best way to go. Rasha T.

Alex P.

Excellent local tour! I saw places, pubs, markets, parks, pop-up shops and restaurants that I would have never have thought to explore. Kathryn is a bright personality and very knowledgeable about the boroughs of London. Plus we shared a few pints along the way! I feel more like local after the experience.

Karen L.

Our private tour with Kathryn was amazing and well worth the affordable $60. We visited London neighborhoods we wouldn't have otherwise. She was knowledgeable, interesting, and fun to be with. 5 our of 5 stars! Karen B.


My 16 month old son and I had a wonderful time with Kathryn during our recent trip to London. She paced our tour for my toddler and took us to some great places that I definitely would not have found on my own. She has tons of knowledge about London and even emailed me some tips and ideas on how to keep my son entertained during our visit. She gave so many great suggestions that I didn't even get to them all. Now, I can't wait to go back and finish checking off my list of fun things to do with a toddler. Kathryn was such an enjoyable person to be around that our 4 hours flew by. I would highly recommend her to anyone visiting London!

Michael B.

We can't thank Kathryn enough for our wonderful 4 hour excursion in London. She was friendly, well prepared, knowledgeable, and selected a flexible list of places to visit and experience. Her knowledge of the local establishments, economy and lifestyle was amazing and she lead the excursion at a pace that was comfortable for us. Our time spent with her was the highlight of our stay in London. We would highly recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants to see and enjoy parts of London the normal tourist would never see.

Jonathan L.

Kathryn did a great job showing my wife and I around London at the start of our honeymoon. We explored a lot of areas that we probably would not have seen otherwise while becoming familiar with the tube, rail, and bus system.

Nancy S.

Kathryn has an encyclopedic knowledge of the side of London that doesn't appear in tour books. Our four hours together were very well spent!

Lisa G.

I can not say enough great things about Kathryn! She did an amazing job of researching for me. She accomplished so much research in such a short time and then gave me the results in a clear, easy to digest, highly-informative format. When I am in London later this month I am going to go out on a tour with her in person and I am really looking forward to it.