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J.b. S.

Ana Karina took me on the Pulqueria tour of Mexico City. The afternoon was fantastic and I learned all about Pulque (a fermented drink made from Agave - a sort of slimy fruit shake with 4% alcohol) and the history of the beverage in Mexico. She (and her friend Coco) took me on a bicycle tour of bars in DF's historic center that spanned the 20th century. We squeezed into cantinas full of students to taste the different varieties of Pulque. Ana has traveled far and wide and the afternoon was full of laughs and good travel stories.

J.b. S.
J.b. S. for Local Guide to Mexico City

Gabriel took me on an tour designed for a DF newbie focused on architecture and markets. His professional background and passion for Mexican culture helped me understand the City better than any guidebook. We visited places I never would have discovered by myself and by the end of the day I was armed with knowledge for my own adventures. Gabriel's tour set me up for fantastic weekend. Thank you!

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Being JB's guide was so refreshing! He's not the typical tourist, we could skip the main sights and enjoy the little things, the walk in the rain, a good coffee, the architecture and some hidden gems. A great vayable user!


J.B is very outgoing and is willing to get immerse into a local culture, he is interested in knowing facts about the country, culture, the food. We had a great afternoon with him, full of laughs, adventure ( riding the bicycle around Mexico and stopping at every pulque bar). Thank you for sharing the afternoon with us and hope to see you soon for another pulque tasting :D

The P.

J.B. is a kind person that is open to learning about the Mexican culture. His interest in getting to know about food, architecture and everything around Mexico City made our walking tour a very fun moment. Thank you very much for trusting in my tour and I hope to see you soon again in Mexico City.