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The first time I've visited Paris I have to say that I was really surprised by this blend of nineteenth century decadence, multicultural Babylon and luxury industry hub. Today is the same. Visitors they still want to meet the huge heritage, try the food, and ramble all this historical streets.
Ironies of life, after finishing my art history degree, I moved to Paris in 2002 and since 2006 my full time job is to introduce the French heritage to the visitors seeking for a Parisian experience. And I will be really pleased to welcome you, stroll the city with you, drive you around in my minivan, guide you at the Louvre and Orsay museums, Versailles palace, drive you out of the city for an excursion to the landing beaches, to the Loire Valley castles, drive through the champagne or Burgundy vineyards for a wine tasting tour, take you out for shopping, etc. A custom visit can be also organized, like temporary exhibitions, transfers to the airport, cooking classes, etc.
See you in town!

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Jennifer A.
Jennifer A. for Experience Champagne Cellars

Hi I'm a U.S. journalist who is writing a story for MSN.com on how to spend $1,000 in a day. I wanted to know more about your tour, what people get, what they learn and why it's so cool..... Can you talk via email or Skype? Thanks jennifer alsever www.jenniferalsever.com 970-328-0969 jenniferalsever@gmail.com