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As a teen prodigy in the Chuckee Cheeseā€™s skeeball circuit, Joey the Cat turned pro in the fall of 2009 and quickly made a name for himself in the Brewskee-Ball nationwide tour. As soon as he was old enough to roll a ball, Joey dedicated himself rolling the highest skeeball scores amongst anyone who would play him. At age 11, he was the youngest player to roll three full circles (all 9 balls in the 40 pocket) back-to-back-to-back. He would go on to break countless records before winning his first major at the age of 23, the San Francisco Skeeson III BROTY (best roller of the year). Continuing his quest for Skeeball glory, he beat the best 64 rollers in the country for the title of National Skeeball Champion in 2011 and 2012.

Residing in the Mission District of San Francisco, Joey the Cat can never be found too far from a Skeeball machine. He has machines in 4 locations and is actively seeking more destinations for his Skeeball machines.

Reviews for Joey
Stephanie for Play Skeeball With the Champ

Joey was the highlight of our 4-person surprise birthday celebration. I worked with him prior to the day to secure details about the skeeball tour, and he was extremely communicative and accommodating. The tour itself was awesome, and Joey was a blast to hang out with. We each got to play A LOT of skeeball--come ready to put that pendulum to work--and thanks to Joey's coaching, our average scores had improved significantly by the end of the night. The tour started with some education, as Joey taught us about the history of skeeball, the mechanics of the classic machines we'd be playing on throughout the night, and of course the nationally renowned Brewskee-Ball league, where he earned his title as champion. Twice. After getting started at The Scratching Post, Joey's home base, we played skeeball at 3 more venues in San Francisco, with the evening culminating in a heated tournament (Mike won). Beyond skeeball, Joey was lots of fun to spend time with, and he made sure that we were enjoying ourselves as we moved through the city. Awesome attitude and truly passionate about his craft. Would highly recommend for a unique and action-packed experience.

Nancy Y.
Nancy Y. for Play Skeeball With the Champ

Joey is awesome! He had really clear instructions on how to skeeball and is a blast to be around. This is a really fun activity to do with friends. The whole experience was a blast and I'm definitely a waaay better skeeballer now!

Pedro P.
Pedro P. for Play Skeeball With the Champ

I had the pleasure to meet Joey, US Champion of Skeeball, and learn the tricks from the best one out there. Joey is not only a great skeeballer, but also a really fun guy who is very knowledgeable about San Francisco and its hidden spots. I definitely recommend you to meet Joey and have an amazing time. You will not regret it!