Brett V.

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Thomas M.

Brett offered a walking tour of Bergen to his parents spending two months in Europe. They were punctual, interested and are spending an exciting holiday in Norway. They seem to like to go off the beaten path and I hope they'll fin what they are looking for on Radøy West Emigration Center.

André B.

Last end of year, Brett had a very good idea to offer their parents Michele & Gordon a fun and unusual Christmas present that they just used today : a Paris Running experience with a Vayable Insider. We did a 6.5 mile Running tour of Paris from Picasso Museum, Place des Vosges near Michele & Gordon's home, to a colorful secret street "Rue Crémieux, then to Jardin des Plantes where the oldest Paris Zoo (1789) is located, then to Jardin du Luxembourg and its political Sénat and finally back to Notre-Dame and main Paris town-Hall. I love Michele and Gordon because they inhale the joy of life and make many efforts to become integrated into the French life. On the top of that, Michele & Gordon are guests very pleasant to guide with their good mood. I fully hope to meet them again during their sabbatical parisian year.