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I am a guide who has lived in Siem Reap my whole life and knows everything there is to know about local life, history, and culture here.

Reviews for Chamnan
Joseph C.
Joseph C. for Floating Villages and Beng Mealea

Chamnan was great. This was a wonderful tour and I highly recommend it. Many people do this by Tuk Tuk, but that is a hot and dusty trip; an air conditioned vehicle is definitely a good idea.

Joseph C.
Joseph C. for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

This was a great tour. Chamnan was a wonderful guide and provided a great deal of information about the temples. It is a long day with lots of walking so make sure you wear good walking shoes, but Chamnan provided water so that was no problem. A lot a people do these tours by Tuk Tuk, but having a air conditioned vehicle is a major benefit as is a guide who speaks good English. Given how much you get to see on this tour the price is amazing and well worth it. I recommend starting early so that you can see sunrise over Angkor Wat; the view is amazing!

Diana P.
Diana P. for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

We enjoyed our day with Chamnan. If you are looking to see the temples in comfort and efficiency Chamnan is perfect for you. We liked to move pretty fast and we were able to get through 4 temples on our day. Having a/c in the car and cold water at all times is a plus. Also, it really is nice to have one person that is your guide and driver. This is unusual in Cambodia. He showed us a lot of details at the temples that we would have missed on our own. The temples do not have much information at all so having a guide is really a must. This was our first time using Vayable and we recommend the website and Chamnan.

Niles X.

My fiance and I took a trip to Cambodia and were excited to see the temples in Siem Reap. We were extremely fortunate to get Chamnan as our tour guide. He has been in the industry for a very long time, his English is excellent and his presence is caring, thoughtful and friendly. Chamnan showed us lots of unique places to truly experience Siem Reap ranging from the floating villages to the temples. We would recommend him to anyone thinking of taking a trip to Cambodia. - Niles and Alicia

Felix H.
Felix H. for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

I would highly recommend Chamnan for a tour of the Angkor Wat temples. His has immense knowledge of the history of the temples as well as the general history of Cambodia. He has fantastic English and communicates very clearly. I particularly liked his eye for a great photo which he would always point out. Very comfortable to ride in his air conditioned car and always has ice cold bottled water on hand.

Debbie for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

Chamnan was a fantastic guide and host for our first visit to Cambodia. He is a licensed tour guide, so was able to go into each of the temple sites with us. My husband and I were impressed by how well he knows his way around each place. He told stories of the stone carvings that brought the temples to life. The depth and scope of information he provided was relevant and very interesting. When we asked a question about the ancient structures, he said the answer comes in three parts: architectural, political, the religious. It was fascinating. He set a nice pace in guiding balanced with enough time for us to look at things on our own. The weather was hot and when we returned to his air conditioned car, he had chilled water for us. I had read other reviews and saw that his wife and sister teach cooking classes. We have taken cooking classes in Bangkok and Bali and were delighted to learn about Cambodian cooking. In the evening, he brought us to his house where we thoroughly enjoyed a cooking class with his wife. The food was delicious and we felt like we were part of the family. Their warm hospitality was a fine ending to a perfect day. We highly recommend Chamnan. When we think of Cambodia, we think of how he made the trip extra-special.

Ryan C.
Ryan C. for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

I have been living in Phnom Penh for almost a month working and me and some of my co-workers decided to visit Siem Reap for the weekend. One of them had been to Angkor Wat before, but had not done a professional tour, so we decided to try and learn a bit more. This is hands down the best way to experience Angkor Wat, and learn about the Angkor people. Chamnan was amazing, he was knowledgeable and spoke amazing English. He always had amazing facts and showed us small things that you would miss just walking through by yourself. He was very accommodating and let us do our own exploring and was always ready to give us cold water after each location we visited. I would hands down recommend him for anyone who wants to visit Angkor Wat! If you have never been to Cambodia you will love having an air conditioned car.

Alexandra K.
Alexandra K. for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

My life dream was to go to Cambodia, and I decided to head there this year for my birthday with my mother. Our first stop was Siem Ream, and we booked both Chamnan's Beng Mealea/Floating Villages Tour plus his Angkor Temples Tour. I thought it would be impossible to exceed my expectations (this was my life dream after all), but wow - did Chamnan ever deliver. Chamnan is a driver *and* a tour guide. This is not typical in Cambodia. Usually someone is either a driver *or* a guide. This means you have to hire a new guide at each temple that you visit. Even in Cambodia this can get pricey. Chamnan speaks excellent English and is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He also doesn't try to upsell you on anything you wouldn't want to do or see. He is also punctual, which is an extremely important quality for a tour guide to have. Chamnan has an *air-conditioned car* which can be great if it's 95 degrees out, you want to get somewhere fast, and you don't want to get dusty. My mother is in the 65+ years of age range, and at first she was scared about climbing over blocks of ancient rock (as you see at Beng Mealea). Whenever my mom was nervous, he held my mother's hand to help her with her balance. It was so sweet. The heat also exhausted my mom, so Chamnan was willing to take us out in the morning, let us take a break at lunchtime to avoid the sun, and then take us back out in the afternoon when the heat was less intense. He's really flexible and can accommodate all sorts of schedules. On a personal note, Chamnan's daughter's schooling costs $50/month, so each time you buy a tour, you are contributing to a month of a little girl's schooling. I had an amazing time with Chaman on my birthday, and I hope you have a great time with him too!

Sibyl for Explore Angkor Wat Temples

After seeing the docu "Samsara" I realized I wanted to see the gorgeous landscapes in Cambodia, and specifically Siem Reap where the magnificent Angkor Wat can be found. I went with my parents and brother over Xmas vacation 2012 and it was honestly one of the most memorable trips I've taken out of the 35 countries I've visited. One of the single reasons the adventure was so perfect was because a friend recommended a tour guide/driver named Chamnan. Talk about the perfect guide - his walking tours of the temples were filled with lots of explanation and detail and his attitude couldn't have been more warm and friendly. His sister teaches cooking classes on the side and Chamnan hosted us on Christmas Eve at his house where his sister taught us to cook some 10 dishes. When I wanted to see an Apsara show, but wanted really good seats to an already sold out show, he figured out a way to bring me to the venue and make dinner reservations in a different way so I could actually get in and secure great seats. What can I say? If you're going to Siem Reap, you must find Chamnan.