Reviews by Lisa G.
Lisa G.

I can not say enough great things about Kathryn! She did an amazing job of researching for me. She accomplished so much research in such a short time and then gave me the results in a clear, easy to digest, highly-informative format. When I am in London later this month I am going to go out on a tour with her in person and I am really looking forward to it.

Lisa G.
Lisa G. for Underground Live Music Scene in Paris

sOem is awesome!! She came to where we were staying and took us out to three places to see great music. She is friendly, smart, fun to talk with, and an excellent guide. You will have a super fun time if you take her tour and you will have a Paris music experience that you would not be able to have on your own.

Lisa G.

Victoire is great! She was excellent at communication and had wonderful ideas of what to see and do.

Lisa G.
Lisa G. for Chic Boutiques and Streets of Paris!

Felicia really knows her way around Marais and had a fantastic itinerary for checking out great boutiques and streets! She had super communication from beginning to end.

Reviews for Lisa G.
Alexis C.

I really had a good time doing this tour with Lisa. She's really nice and interesting, i hope to see her again!

Uriel G.

Curious and dynamic, asking interesting questions about this amazing museum, Lisa was a really pleasant visitor. It was a nice experience to guide her through le Louvre.

Charlie S.

It was lovely to show Lisa and Austin around London on a quick 3 hour whistle stop tour. I hope they have a great time during the rest of their adventures!

S Oem

First i would like to thank Lisa for having booked me that night, It was my first Vayable experience. I was so excited, I spent hours preparing the tour... And it was worth the time ! The music was excellent, the atmosphere friendly and comfortable, it worked out so well ! From what they told me, I know that Michael and Steve were very pleased too... They even bought the CD of the first singer we saw (who was actually a friend of mine ! ).... I was so happy to share these moments with you guys ! Too bad that you, Lisa, who very booked me here, you finally weren't with us to enjoy the night. I hope you can make it another time !