Nath is a teacher from Sydney, having spent a number of years working in the tourism industry. He’s passionate about tourism in his city. In his spare time Nath loves working on social business ideas that can be a catalyst for positive change in the community. As a traveller himself, his favourite hotspots are India, anywhere in South East Asia, and Europe especially UK and France!

Reviews for Nath W.
Ysa for Sydney Off the Beaten Track

Whenever I travel, I personally enjoy walking to explore and to get a feel of the city. I like finding new things and learning about the city's history and culture. I enjoyed the little surprises and experience I got from South of the Border. Not only did I gain added knowledge about one of Sydney's hidden gems, but I also discovered a new vantage point to appreciate Sydney's awesome skyline.

Emil for Sydney Off the Beaten Track

An authentic experience that would give you a glimpse of Redfern's past, present and future. It takes you one step further than site-seeing tours by its focus on real people and real stories. I would highly recommend this to locals and travelers alike that would like to experience something fresh and new. As a local, this tour has made me realise how much of a tourist I am in my own city. Sydney is more than just a pretty city, it has character. If you've seen the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Bondi Beach, I reckon its now time to experience Redfern.