Salem M.

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I grew up in Saint Louis, MO, but our family frequently vacationed in Colorado. I remember as a kid being blown away by the raw beauty of Colorado, and knew I wanted to live in it when I grew up.

So as soon as I graduated college I packed my bags and moved to this special state. I have always had a passion for exploring the diversity of my surroundings, and have made it a top priority to explore all Colorado has to offer.

I now have a list of over 500 places, activities, and hidden gems from around the state, and the list just keeps expanding. I would love to share what I have discovered about this magical place with you, so you too can get an inside look at what makes this place great!

Reviews for Salem M.

Salem knows Boulder in and out and really gave me an off-the-beaten path tour. He provided a very tailored yet flexible itinerary and always asked me if I preferred to one option over another. Communication was really easy. Boulder has a lot to offer and the mountains nearby offered a great view of the valley below and beyond. The nature around was just phenomenal and Salem did take me to great spots around town. We also went to a good restaurant with locally sourced food and fantastic craft beers. Did I mention Oxygen Bar? Yeah, you can ask him about that, too. Pretty RAD experience in Boulder! Salem's super friendly and took a genuine interest when we were talking about our backgrounds - it felt like we've known each other for a while. He went beyond what was expected and continued to give me advice as I kept coming back to Boulder from Denver as I ended up really liking the place. 5-stars for Salem!

Mike S.

This tour was great!! Salem is very knowledgeable about Boulder (and Denver) and created a tour just to my interests. The bike I had was quality and the pace was set at whatever level I wanted (I had a private tour, but I'm sure he'd find a happy medium for a pace with a group). Also, his schedule was pretty flexible, so contact him if the times available on Vayable don't work for you. We biked the nice path along the creek/river, went to a very cool distillery that I'd never find in a million years on my own, visited some local places to eat and drink and also went on a great hike up a hill that had an outstanding view. Salem is a real nice, professional and interesting guy and I'd encourage anyone that is touring Boulder to contact him to see how he can help and/or make a tour for them. You won't find someone more knowledgeable about Boulder! PS: I suggested he put together a pub tour on bikes and hope he does it.