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Nick N.
Nick N. for Forage for Urban Mushrooms

Mushroom hunting – its weird, intriguing, and definitely awesome. Alan is the Mushroom King/Expert! He was extremely knowledgeable about every strange shroom that we came across. Whether they were edible, poisonous, or magic, Alan would immediately identify the specimen and fill us in its strange properties. When we first went out foraging, I was astounded that Alan would simply lift us an unsuspecting pile of brush only to uncover little mushroom towns! After a while I started finding mushrooms all over – everything from giant, red, Super-Mario-type mushrooms, to rust colored, spongy shrooms, to dark purple, poisonous ones. It was a one of a kind experience I would recommend to anyone curious about the amazing world around them. Not only will you walk away with some really interesting knowledge, but also a few delicious edible mushrooms that you can cook up at home – and maybe even some strange, magic ones…

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Alan R.

Cool guy!