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With over 300 years of maritime history in his family, Captain Charles Jennings proudly calls the San Francisco Bay his home and office. Captain Jennings has served on many vessels in varying capacities from First Officer on the Hornblower vessels to a tugboat engineer with Starlight Marine & Baydelta Maritime. The highlight of his career thus far has been his service to the WWII Liberty Ship SS Jeremiah O’Brien during the vessel’s 50th anniversary return to Normandy in 1994. With tales of adventure and intrigue, he is always ready to share local history and share in his love of one the world’s most beautiful bays.

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Andre L.
Andre L. for San Francisco Bay Tour by RIB Boat

Great day at sea. Will you away from the people and see the city from the waterfront, this way and do it. You get a ride under the Golden Gate and Bay bridge in addition to everything else along the seaside. Are there any questions you can just ask Charles, who was born and raised here. No point in waiting with this, book a trip :-)