Sya has spent her seven year career as a massage artist discovering techniques to unwind the body using a combination of Asian techniques combined with deep tissue. Her style is vigorous and deeply intuitive. In this interactive class, Sya will speak on partner stretches, anatomy and deep techniques to release muscle groups.

Reviews for Sya W.
Brent for Massage Class - Basic Upper Back

Thought the amount of material covered was just right. Really appreciated the opportunity to feel the "right" technique from you in order to compare and adjust as we were learning. I really liked that you showed us on our bodies what it should feel like, that was really helpful for letting our partners' know if they were doing it right. I also liked that you were willing to show us techniques for deeper massage/trigger point release.

Jane for Massage Class - Basic Upper Back

What a great class! I walked away with some great new techniques for massage and a better understanding of how to protect myself and not strain my back or hands while giving a massage. Sya is awesome!