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My name is Bruno and I love Rio de Janeiro, I’ve been working as a tour guide here for 5 years and I have both national and international licenses to work as a tour guide not only in Rio but all around the world. I was born in the city and I can’t see myself living anywhere else! I would love to guide you around Rio and provide you with the most local experience possible, away from the touristic traps. My main goal as a guide is giving people the chance to experience the local way of life. I have lots of bikes for us to ride Rio´s amazing beaches, parks and also Downtown . I´m a specialist in ecotourism and know all the good hiking and trekking spots of the city. If you like to be outdoors and wants to see Rio in a way that most of the visitors does not, I´m the guy you should look for and by the end of our tours I´m sure we will become good friends.

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Reviews for Bruno E.
June L.
June L. for Bike Tour Lapa - Downtown

Bruno's tour was awesome! He knows so much about the history of Rio and could answer all my probing questions about how things came to be the way they are today. We went to an amazing bakery, learned about the founding of the city, and saw a bunch of street art in the area. Thanks, Bruno, for a wonderful afternoon!

Jessica L.
Jessica L. for Parrot´s Peak Hiking Tour

Amazing tour with Bruno ! Bruno is an excellent guide that love is job and transmit his passion for nature and hiking. We had a really great walk and arrive on a beautiful view point where we could see a 360° of Rio. We learned a lot about Rio with Bruno's own story and experience. He is really generous and like to share what he knows about the city. I really enjoyed this tour and will recommend it to anyone. The hike is not so difficult and the view worth the trip !

Johanna M.
Johanna M. for Parrot´s Peak Hiking Tour

Bruno is the best guide I ever met and as a vayable ambassador in Paris, I met a lot. He is smart and open and speaks a great English, he knows his city by heart and the jungle even better. He offer easy hiking tours but also hardcore and very experienced ones that lasts long. He also has biking tours that look great. I had the best time with him and the hiking tour was great and not too hard for me. At the end we reach a great point with a beautiful view of all Rio where we stayed and talked about our respective countries and cities and about what we could do in Rio and what is the history of Rio, etc. He also know lots about the historical events in Rio. Briefly i loved the hike and Bruno and I truly recommend to meet with him to anyone who is there :) We became great friends now and this is the best thing that can happen when you do a tour on Vayable !