Christoph D.

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Christoph D.
Christoph D. for East London Street Food Tour

The tour with Matthew was part of a birthday present for my girlfriend Tatjana - it was an amazing experience! Matthew is a very funny and interesting guy who knows London, especially its street food scene, like the back of his hand. With him you have authentic insights in this scene. The tour is a bit like Matthew: Spontanous, lovely, funny a little bit crazy (in a positive way!)... It was a pleasure to see people preparing and offering their national dishes and above all it was a pleasure to eat it. We could list all the delicious things but a tour will never be the same twice :-) Towards the end of the tour we stopped by a very nice pub that serves very good London beers. Thanks for this wonderful day!

Christoph D.

The tour with Kathryn was part of a birthday present for my girlfriend Tatjana - it was an unforgettable experience! We went to photography exhibitions, cool street art (e.g. graffiti sprayers at work), a nice vintage shop, we drunk a very good coffee and we had the best burger ever in an area where you can get very good food. She also provided us with insider tips for going out. We definitely recommend the tour with lovely Kathryn to feel like a local for a couple of hours!

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Matthew L.

Christoph and his girlfriend were great company and it was an honour to introduce them to falafel, haggis and oysters. Hope they had a great time in London.

Kathryn G.

Christoph put on a lovely birthday surprise for Tatjana, which I was part of! Their first Vayable experience and my first German explorers - and luckily (but perhaps not surprisingly) they seemed to love every place I showed them. After all, what's not to love about Honest Burgers, photography exhibitions, street art and a few other local favourites. The weather was hideous - no one likes wet snow and brisk winds in April - but this didn't put either of them off getting the most out of their time with me. I hope that if Tatjana becomes a Vayable guide in Stuttgart, I can go on her tour!