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Our small group is composed by Salvador (architect, 21), Constança (economist, 21) and Andre (geographer, 49). All three of us are travelers, and we've been working together as guides in Lisbon for over a year now.

We like to think about our tours as rather original in their format and content. Our main idea is for each of them to be spontaneous and conceived according to your interests and needs. We love the simple and authentic Lisbon, and we hope you fall for it too!

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Carine F.
Carine F. for Mapping It Out

We had a great time discovering Lisboa with Constanza who gave us many advices and good places en français s'il vous plait ! Si vous cherchez une visite originale loin des sentiers battus n'hésitez pas et choisissez ce tour, vous ne serez pas déçus! If you are looking for a great guide just book it! Carine &Aurélien

Carine F.

We took the "mapping it out" tour with Constanza who has been really friendly and full of good advices on Lisboa and the tour was en français s'il vous plaIt. Si vous souhaitez une visite loin des sentiers battus n'hésitez pas et réservez ce circuit vous ne serez pas déçus! If you are looking for a great original way to discover Lisboa city this is IT. Carine et Aurélien (Paris)

Deedee D.
Deedee D. for Mapping It Out

We were lucky enough to have a tour in Lisbon with Andre. He really adapted the walk to our desires : what we wanted to see or not, which part of the city we wanted to discover, etc. He also gave us many addresses while we were walking along : good restaurants / bars / shops to try. It was a great pleasure to discover the city with a local, especially with Andre who is, on top on that, very cultivated and willing to share his city. I warmly recommend you to take a tour with him !