I have been a backpacker for over 15 years. In 2012, I traveled 33 countries for 9 months with my wife. I decided to start a business for travel industry during the travel. I love traveling because there are lots of oppotunity to meet people, experience something new, eat delicious foods, think different and so on.

I always feel the traveling day is very memorable day which I cannot forget. I forgot how many times I went to watch movie but remember how many times I traveled in my life. I forgot what I did on 1st of march 2 years ago but I remember what I did on the 3rd day of my last travel.

Traveling always gives us memorable day. If you traveled for 10 years, you could get 3,650 memorable days! It’s very happy,isn’t it? I would like many people to travel more and have happy days more.
Our motto is “More Knowledge, More Fun”

Reviews for Naoaki
John Michael M.
John Michael M. for Private West Tokyo One Day Tour

Had a delightful tour with our guide, Noriko. It was exactly what we had hoped for in terms of content and she provided helpful context about the city's history as we went. We were able to tweak the tour in advance for our specific goals. This was a valuable introduction for first time visitors. Highly recommended!

Paulo L.
Paulo L. for Ninja Training Tour

It was a great experience !!!! I recommend to everybody !!!!!

Stephen F.
Stephen F. for West Tokyo One Day Tour

We spent the day with Makato, an experience tour guide. He took us to the four spots, Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku. We saw the Meiji temple, visited shopping streets, went through department stores, ate sushi for lunch and did lots of walking. Makato did an excellent job explaining the history of the sites and any other cultural context. This six hour walking tour was incredible value for money and I highly recommend it to any first time Tokyo visitor.

Kevin B.
Kevin B. for West Tokyo One Day Tour

This tour was an absolutely awesome way to get the lay of the land in a very large, spread out, and intimidating city such as Tokyo. We hit many of the hot spots including Asakusa, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Shinjuku. Nao gave very clear and easy instructions on where to meet in the morning and we were delighted to be received not only by him but also 2 other guides who informed us that since we were the only reservations that morning we would essentially have a private tour. Nao left us in the expert care of his employees and they took excellent care of us. We could really tell the pride the Japanese have for their culture and heritage from these fine tour guides! We would not hesitate to book the East city tour with them next time we visit.

Keyla for Asakusa Walking Tour

I loved the walking tour of Asaskusa and our guide! The group waited for our arrival in a very easy part of town and they were really knowledgeable about the entire area. Not only did they explain the temples and shrines' history, they also gave use insight into Japanese everyday life by walking us through the markets. Would recommend them 100%

Tyler L.
Tyler L. for Tokyo Foodie Tour & Asakusa Walking Tour

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Nao and his team - they showed us around Asakusa and introduced us to some delicious food. While overall we had a very enjoyable experience, and would definitely recommend his tour, we did expect the foodie tour portion to include visiting actual restaurants, rather than having the food pre-ordered and eating it picnic style. While we found this enjoyable and very pleasant, it should be noted that if you're expecting to tour/visit restaurants, this does not take place on the tour. Otherwise, I would still recommend the tour and getting to know Nao!