Reviews - Tara G.

Natalie H.
Natalie H. for Rio Grande Explorer

I wish I could follow Tara anywhere she goes! She really takes the time to know the landscape, and she will do her very best to share her knowledge with you. I've toured with her twice and could not have asked for a better experience. I felt like we were friends at the end of the tour. She made sure she shared all of the local "secrets" and made the trip MUCH more enjoyable. If you get the opportunity to book her - DO IT!! You will not be disappointed. Natalie from Phoenix

"T" for Rio Grande Explorer

Tara is an awesome woman, as we'll as a fun, knowledgeable guide. She immerses herself deeply in any part of the planet you might find her on. Tara can tell you all about the culture and cacti in Taos, or about the history and Monk Seals of Kaua'i. All that Tara is, is definitely worth your time, energy, and money! Aloha Nui, Tara!

Mayumi for Photo Adventure in Taos New Mexico

Tara Golden is a multi talented artist as a photographer, a film maker, and a tour guide. She understands the needs and concepts that her clients want to see. She actually took my promotional pictures, and it came out great!! I am very happy by her great job!! Thank you, Tara!!! Mayumi (drummer)

Kristen D.
Kristen D. for Rio Grande Explorer

Tara is fun to be around, and very knowledgable about the area and places we visited. She customized our tour to our liking, we were a group of 4, and she asked us all our interests. My Dad was into local history, my Mom the plants, My boyfriend and I wanted to walk, and take pictures. Tara took some great pictures of us (one that we even framed). She knew the best place to eat dinner, and we felt like locals by the end day. What a trip! We were all pleased with Tara, the places she showed us, the information she shared, and although the tour was 4 hours, we were left wishing for more.

Alan for Rio Grande Explorer

Tara was great! Not only did she know the trails, she knew how to get around town. So after a day of seeing sedona, she can recommend where to get dinner! Ask away, she knows everything. Every tree, shrub, rock formation- she can name em. Ask her why the trees don't have leaves on top. Ask her why the rocks are red. Very knowledgable and down to earth. Never in rush and very understanding. Don't hesitate, you will not regret it. Alan from NYC