Stewart C.

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I am an Irish citizen, resident in Nafplion, Argolis Greece.
I first came to Greece in 1985 and I fell in love with the country where I have lived for many years.
I think that my love of Greece stems back to when, as a young boy, I lived in Cyprus and also that I had a great love for Greek mythology at a young age as well, which was imparted to me by my enthusiastic primary school teacher in Highgate, London. Greek mythology seemed so alive and real at that age. Little did I know, many years later how significant that would turn out to be when I became a tour guide and I started to retell the Greek mythology stories I had been told as a young boy!
I love traveling and I have traveled extensively in Greece. I lived in Crete for quite a while and I have a great love and passion for history.
I first started tour guiding/taking care of visitors on the "classical tour" in Greece in the 1980's and I have continued to give tours since then.
I also have also been a tour guide for the "Original Bus company"... [More]