Sebastian B.

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Today Im a full time artist, creating art works and a new perspective in life.
As a child I lived in Bariloche, a town in Patagonia. This gave me eyes and love for nature, the simple of the happiness. I been traveling a lot in places as Alaska, all America, Brazil, Scandinavia and some parts of Europe.
As young I experience everything: ski instructor, rafting and fishing guide, ice hockey trainer, rock climbing, and also studied 5 years of medicine.
When I was 30 I bought a sailboat together with my best friend and planned to sail around the world. We stay for three years on Ilha Grande, Brazil .
Today I own Atelier Casapuente, open to the public where I develop arts at all levels.
In the other hand the river and Delta conquers me every day and Nautivus is our new project, with Guillermo, (naval architect) considering it a instrument, a bridge, a new concept to enjoy and relax.