Reviews by Thomas H.
Thomas H.

What an extremely interesting, memorable and fun tour! The three hours went by so quickly and Colin is a really entertaining guide. My friend and I were keen to see as much as possible on our short visit and to learn more about the history of Oxford and its university. We saw world-famous works of art, dinosaur bones and petrified trees as well as centuries’ old colleges and chapels. We walked through Oxford's 900 year old Castle (you can also go up the 1000 year old mound that used to protect the city) and we went into the old prison which for hundreds of years housed (and sometimes hung) the felons of Oxford. Colin also showed us the site where three bishops were burnt alive at the stake. We visited the pub where Tolkein and C.S. Lewis met to swap notes, and the shop which Alice in Wonderland actually visited (I didn’t know that she was a real person!) Colin even found time to take us to the amazing Covered Market and he showed us where we could get a punt (a boat) on the river if the weather cheered up (which it didn’t!). Colin's anecdotes and considerable knowledge of history, art and architecture brought the whole city to life and made us want to stay on for a fortnight – but this time we only had one day. We will definitely come back. It was a great tour.