Barbara H.

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I have been a fashion lover, fashion designer and owner of my own brand for many years. I own a private label clothing company and sell to major stores across America, and I have also consulted for fashion companies as different as Rebecca Taylor and Polo Ralph Lauren. I have been fortunate enough to travel to and work in major cities around the world: London, Paris, Milan, Florence, Rome, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Istanbul and Tokyo as well as New York.

Understanding and loving other cultures I was able to absorb all that these wonderful places had to offer and explore off-the-beaten-track stores and local markets. This made me appreciate New York even more. New York is my home, and I love exploring all that it has to offer. Working in the Garment Center, I’ve been constantly on the lookout for the newest of the new and I’ve developed a vast set of resources in fashion and interior design.

​I look forward to sharing the stores and culture of New York--from luxe and ultra-coo... [More]