Amanda started her career in the food industry by working at the local farmer's markets across the bay. As each season brought a fascinating new vegetable or fruit, Amanda's passion grew. She began by doing small internships: a whole sale tart company, a very old british pub, and anywhere else that would take her. Eventually, she made her way into Jardiniere, one of the premiere french restaurants in San Francisco. There she honed her fine dining skills, working on both the savory line, as well as pastry. Since she has continued hopping from savory to pastry, constantly finding more and more to love.

Amanda decided to move into the private chef world to attain the things she was missing in the back of a restaurant. She missed getting to know her customers, hearing what they had to say about her food, and even inspiring her. Amanda has shown her customers what it is to love food again. She wanted to bring healthy and tasty back to the dinner table.