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Katherine H.
Katherine H. for Chat on Existence

We loved our private tour of Istanbul. Kaan was terrific and Genghis was so knowledgeable and informative. We really enjoyed seeing all the special places Istanbul has to offer. We would have liked more time in the Grand Bazaar and we never made it to the Spice Market. Lunch was great also. I'm not sure why we needed to stop at a carpet demonstration, it wasted time and was too much of a sales pitch. But all in all, thank both our guides for a wonderful experience.

Katherine H.

Martin Ranger was our guide - he was great! He was so accommodating with our schedule. He was waiting for us as we got off the cable car and took us to some of the most wonderful sites, not usually frequented by tourists - which is exactly what we wanted. We did not tell him early enough that we also wanted to do some shopping, so when we finally did get to the main towns, they were very crowded. Maybe we should have gone there first, earlier in the day. But that is obviously hind site. Please thank him so much for a great tour, so many interesting facts and for allowing us to see some very special places in Santorini.

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Kaan K.

We travelled with Kathy, her husband and 5 other friends in İstanbul. I think we had great time through out our trip. She and her husband are amazing. Very nice and polite people I consider myself very lucky to meet and guide them in their Istanbul visit.