Diva D.

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I own Prescott Hot Yoga in Prescott Lakes, Arizona....we offer local Yoga for our locals, but our FABULOUS instructors who are 500 RYT certified instructors and whose passion is YOGA offer Outdoor Yoga Experiences in Sedona Arizona for those who want to step way outside their comfort zone and experience Yoga in the Red Rocks in areas that are considered some of the most beautiful places in the world.
We provide you with 2+ hour Yoga experiences in the majesty of the Red Rocks or if you would prefer in the gorgeous Granite Dells of Prescott Arizona! Scenery to immerse yourself in and to expand your practice in!
Our Yin and Restorative outdoor experiences are unparalleled...
Kelly Thornton, Perry Erwin just spent two months in India on the Ganges ratcheting up their Yoga certification to share that with their students. You cannot attend Prescott Hot Yoga daily, but you can experience Hot Yoga outdoors in Sedona or in Prescott for 2+ hour private classes! 2-8 person limit.