Luvaha C.

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Private tour professional guide in Kenya
Guide profile:Luvaha Charles Luvaga is the founder of Ciatlux Traveler. I am an architect by study. I love all aspects of history, but I do have a soft spot for ecclesiastical architecture {That's Castles & Churches} I've been in the tourist industry for more than ten years, since then I have worked as a transport manager, tour organizer, tour manager & tour operator.

I´ve been a native of Kenya since birth. I live in Highridge one of the most interesting gated communities of Nairobi,Kenya. I am a "people person", who always welcomes visitors with a cheerful and friendly attitude. With me there is no such word as "strangers". I always have an open mind to learn from anyone that has knowledge to share and I´m always ready to teach you about my local knowledge, so I´m inviting you to explore my beautiful, unspoiled Kenya with a friendly and knowledgeable guide.

I give themed walking tours,operate as a "step on" guide for bus tours, and give city orientations ... [More]