Jeremy L.

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Born and raised in Kansas. Went to school in DC, studying philosophy and lived there for 8 1/2 years before relocating to SF. Love traveling and being outdoors.

Reviews for Jeremy L.
Michael J.
Michael J. for Gay BFF Castro Bar Crawl

I never did go on the Tour with Jeremy but I feel I have to give him a review. My wife and I were scheduled to go on the Castro tour with him, but we had to call it off because my wife got sick that afternoon. I called up Jeremy to tell him we wouldn’t make it that evening. He understood our plight and agreed to refund the entire amount and we got our money back in a week. Just a day ago I was on the phone with United Airlines who charged me a $50 fee for a cancellation that was still a month out. It is very refreshing dealing with folks who actually understand customer service. Thanks a lot Jeremy (and June L), we will be in SFO soon and if you are still doing this tour we will be on it.

Kristin S.
Kristin S. for Gay BFF Castro Bar Crawl

Wow, what a fun night out!! I got to see a part of the Castro that I had not seen before. Jeremy was a fantastic guide. He organized the entire evening...I didn't have to think once. I just had to focus on the drink in my hand. On top of being a great guide, I left the evening with a new friend. I would definitely recommend Jeremy's tour to others. Hopefully he'll start offering more so we can hang out again!!

June L.
June L. for Gay BFF Castro Bar Crawl

Going on a Castro bar crawl with Jeremy was loads of fun! We were in need of some fabulosity and pep to power us through the rest of the week, and Jeremy was the cure! We went to a variety of bars where we had shots and schlitzes, nuts and berries, and Rose Kennedy's. From work advice to regulating NOT to talk about work, a gay BFF is everything you need to keep in check to have a great time!