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Kimberly O.
Kimberly O. for Navigate Paris

My first trip to Paris was August 2016 and I booked Anne to give me the confidence to explore/navigate the city as a solo traveler. Anne exceeded my expectations. I roamed all over Paris like a pro on my 2nd day and my obsession with Paris was born. When I had an opportunity to return to Paris in November 2016 I hoped Anne would be available again. Thankfully she was and this time she showed me Montmarte and WOW...best tour ever! While she was showing me all the various street art in the area we came across Levalet (street artist) being filmed with his artwork by a German TV crew from Berlin for a gallery open of his work. Seriously, it's like Anne is covered in pixie dust and if you're with her cool things just happen. She is a delight to talk to and her knowledge of art, design and Paris make her the trifecta of fabulousness. I can't say enough awesome things about her. But don't just take my word for it...book a tour with her and experience it yourself. You won't be disappointed. You can bet that I will book a tour with her each time I visit, no matter how many times I go.

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Anne D.

This was my second time giving a tour to Kimberly and it was an absolute delight! It was fun getting to explore a different neighborhood through her love of street art.

Anne D.

Kimberly was so sweet and I loved seeing how happy she was at the end of the visit.