Royce L.

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Coined by the New York Post as a "real artist". Royce has been in front of, behind, next to, and on top(drunk) of every type of camera out there. You name it this kid has done it. As a performer Royce has been featured on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, hes been featured in national ad campaigns for Charmin Toilet Paper(no he wasnt a bear),Puma Athletica(free shoes!), and Apple inc. He recently wrapped "The Walker" a webseries featuring Carey Mulligan(An Education) and Gabourey Sidibe(Precious) where he played "Toi."When hes not acting, singing,dancing, begging on the streets for margarita/botox/sushi money he goes to his day job as a stylist and makeup artist His aesthetic is colorful and vibrant like his personality. His styling has been featured at New York Fashion Week twice, Style Network, and the E network. His makeup work can be seen at BarnesandNoble, and the Tony Awards.

Reviews for Royce L.
Wendy R.
Wendy R. for Thrift With Your New Gay BFF

Royce is as beautiful and colorful as you can imagine! He took three Aussie gals who wear a lot of black... Which is ok!! ... And helped pick out colorful clothing to supplement our wardrobe. He also assisted in jewellery pieces to complement what he quickly picked up as on our styles. The term "boob drama" was coined, or at least used a lot, which gave the 3 of us well endowed chicks a giggle. Love him to pieces! Thanks Royce!!!!

Sabu S.
Sabu S. for Do SOHO With Your Gay BFF

I bought this experience for my wife's birthday. Royce showed up with a Caramel Macchiato for my wife. (He asked me beforehand what she would like to drink) They went to several stores & boutiques and a great time. He picked out several outfits that my wife would never have considered but she has ended up loving every single one. I definitely recommend this experience with Royce; it was worth every penny.

Vayable T.
Vayable T. for Thrift With Your New Gay BFF

Royce Love is Vayable's favorite gay best friend (so far as of September 2011). His warm, fabulous, and sassy personality makes him the gay BFF you wish you always had! Proper thrifting requires a sense of humor, a good eye, and a lot of creativity! As a professional stylist, he's got it all. You and your friends will look like a thousand bucks while only spending a sliver of that!

Vayable T.
Vayable T. for Do SOHO With Your Gay BFF

Whether you're just out with your girls on a Saturday afternoon, looking for bridesmaids dresses, or planning a bachelorette party, Royce Love is your guy! He's the fabulous gay BFF everyone wishes they had but doesn't necessarily know how to find. He's like Stanford from Sex and the City, Jack from Will and Grace, etc. BUT ten times better. He's really good at tailoring the shopping experience to your style and budget and has a glittering personality to make it an experience you'll be talking about at all future cocktail parties. Do SOHO the right way with Royce Love.

June L.
June L. for Do SOHO With Your Gay BFF

I wish Royce Love were around all day every day to answer ALL my questions about what looks hot and what looks... not. Not only is he a professional stylist that will make sure you're looking fine at the end of your shopping session, he's also so fabulous and extravagant that the time will just breeze through. We started with cocktails and a mission diagnostic, where we discussed what I was looking for over gossip. We then found some great shoes for my boyfriend's birthday and had time to get a little something for myself! Shopping for a boy has never been so easy. You must experience it to believe it. He's everyone's gay BFF they WISH they had.