Reviews by Erica K.
Erica K.

A marvelous introduction to many of the delicious foods of Flushing's Chinatown. Included treats ranged from Peking Duck mini sandwiches to spicy tofu to some of the best hot-from-the-fryer barbecued pork dumplings I've ever had. The best part was discovering out-of-the-way food courts where locals eat that I would never have discovered on my own. It's important to be an adventurous eater and open to new culinary experiences to fully enjoy this tour, and loving spicy food is a real plus. There are a few dishes that involved organ meats and chili oil, but there are many others that (thankfully) don't. I would have liked to have a map showing the locations of everywhere we had visited and a list of names, addresses, phones and websites for these locations, wherever available. This would have made the tour experience even more valuable. Thanks for everything, Joe!