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AllNightCrash Budapest is the longest running pub crawl in the city, and still first in quality. We’ll introduce you the coolest places downtown and you’ll get a taste of the crazy vibing nightlife of the city.
We’ll visit 5 of the finest places in Budapest party area, all in pretty close walking distance to each other. You’ll have free drinks in our unique local ruin bars, and great discounts if you don’t wanna stop the booze flowing!
In the meantime our pro guides will keep entertaining you with drinking games and some hilarious urban legends.
After our 4 wisely chosen pubs we’ll take you to one of the city’s most awesome party places, where you can continue your night out until the morning. No standing in line, no entry fee!
You can also pick one from our various other tours such as vespa city tour, beer & wine tasting tours, trendy bar tour or night club tour! If you are looking for a private tour or you have any specific requirements please don’t hesitate to cantact us! We’re always happy to help!... [More]