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I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is cold and dismal. A place where people just work, drink, and watch sports. Luckily, about 6 years ago, I was smart enough to realize there are better places to live. So you can imagine my extreme elation upon discovering San Diego's perfect weather and the sheer number of things to do outdoors! I'm a big outdoors person, so I fell in love with this city and made it my home.
So if you need a cheap place to stay, near the beach, while you're in San Diego, my entire apartment is available on Airbnb (copy and paste link in to Google):

I've also been fortunate enough do quite a bit of traveling over the years. Domestically, I've visited West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and Oregon. Internationally, I've had the pleasure of visiting Romania, Spain, France, Italy, and Th... [More]

Reviews for Justin B.
James H.

Worth every penny! Definitely not your typical "tour". Felt like we were visiting a friend in San Diego. Definitely ask Justin to take you to the buffalo wings restaurant and take you mountain biking! Trust me I've had chicken wings all over the country and the ones at Dirty Bird were world class.

Jeff L.

When I first booked this tour, I was thinking that 8 hours seemed like a long time for a tour. But honestly, it was the perfect amount of time to do and see a lot of stuff in San Diego we wanted to. It was an efficient day, but didn't feel rushed at all. Justin drove us around, let us play our own music, and once we got to places, let us do our thing. I liked that he was there to answer questions, but wasn't an overwhelming tour guide. I would highly recommend a tour with Justin.


The Easy County hike was so beautiful! It was a nice contrast from the beaches on the coast. Biking the board walk was relaxing too. Having Justin drive us around, tell us all about San Diego, and taking us to his favorite spots around town was super convenient. Money well spent.

Nick L.

Do the jet skiis!! We also really enjoyed the bonfire (Justin got us fire wood, blankets, and S'mores ingredients and dropped us off and picked us up) and the gyros. I would recommend those for sure.

Alisa T.

A day well spent! I'm going to recommend Justin's tour to my friends. We did a few things Justin recommended (the seals, a coastal hike, the Mexican spot he suggested, and the brewery), and then we asked him to take us to the Gas Lamp District. We had a blast at Barley & Mash.

Shareen H.

My friends and I had an amazing time in San Diego. So glad we did this tour with Justin! He was very chill and definitely knew how to have a good time without the crowds and without putting a hole in our pockets haha. Those fish tacos were insanely good! And that sun set...Jesus! I think my favorite part of the day was the jet skiis though. I'd highly recommend this tour if you don't have a ton of time in San Diego but want to get a taste of what's it like to live here. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Austin W.

We had an absolute blast with Justin! He was very friendly and informative. We saw the seals (you could just walk up and pet them!), went mountain biking , went to an awesome brewery where you sit on the kegs, and then Justin took us to a comedy show and got us free entry. I didn't know any of the comedian s but they were all hilarious! I think the seals were my favorite! I can't believe people get to live here! I would highly recommend Justin's tour. I didn't see any of this stuff online and the time and money we would have spent on Ubers made the price of the tour that much more worth it.