Jordan A.

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Hi, I’m Jordan, a local Vancouverite and an experienced traveler. When in a foreign city, my favorite thing to do is to explore areas that are “off the beaten path”, and to come across places I could never plan to discover. When in Vancouver, I do the same, and as a result, have discovered some pretty cool places. So in some way, I’ve become an expert in hidden spots around this city.

I’ve created my tours in lovely neighborhoods that are generally not visited by tourists, but even more than that, I show you the hidden and offbeat side of these areas that even many Vancouverites don’t know. Each tour is designed to hit the highlights in that area and to follow the most beautiful streets that connect them, with a nice balance between sightseeing and good food. So come join me for an “off the beaten path” experience of Vancouver.

Reviews for Jordan A.
Joshua W.

Jordan was very knowledgable about the city. It was our first time and he helped he get acquainted with the lay of the land. Jordan showed us some very old buildings as well as some hidden pathways that only locals know about. Great tour!