Reviews by Chris C.
Chris C.

As someone who has traveled to Buenos Aires over 10 times in the past 10 years, I know a LOT about BsAs. That being said, I also recognize that this is a huge and dense city, and it would be arrogant to assume one person could ever really get to know this amazing City comprehensively. Plus it changes all the time ;) The great thing about Elisa's tour is that it incorporates elements about the past & present in such a way that begin to see the continuity between them. And perhaps a glimpse into what comes next. First of all, Elisa has an amazingly friendly personality, so you quickly become very comfortable with her, as if you have known her for a much longer time. This allows you to relax and focus on what she is telling you. Secondly, Elisa is incredibly passionate about her little Caballito corner of BA :) I quickly got caught up in her energy and stories and had a blast exploring a part of BA that I knew almost nothing about. I came away from this tour much richer in knowledge about the history of Buenos Aires... and a huge appreciation for Caballito and its role in the grand story of the City. I would certainly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a little more off the beaten path in BA. Maybe plan this tour to coincide with some leather shopping in the nearby neighborhood of Villa Crespo! Thanks for an amazing tour, Elisa!

Chris C.
Chris C. for Cocktail Hour Your Way

H. Ehrmann knows his cocktails. He has a deep knowledge of not only ingredients and the process of making fantastic cocktails, but the history and lore that add great context to the art of mixology. Plus he has a wicked sense of humor and really seems to be able to connect with his class in a way that makes really fun and non-stressful. One of the best aspects of the class is watching the other participants get friendlier and louder with each drink made ;) It is a really good idea to plan for a pre-class meal, as the drinks will begin to creep up on you! Thanks for the killer experience, H.!

Chris C.

Sometimes learning something new can be challenging. But sometimes it can be both relatively easy on the brain and fun at the same time. And when we're talking about learning how to make artisan chocolate? Well then... it also has a built-in tasty reward at the end! Ben's class was great. It was relatively easy to follow, as Ben has the perfect low-key and positive demeanor, but yet still provided some high-level chocolate history & education along the way. You always learn best when you're hands-on, and you will definitely get the chance to work through your own process here, including making some personal choices about some elements of your own creation (dark vs. lighter, sweetness, extra ingredients, and decoration). Great for a group of friends ( or strangers who are actually friends you just have not yet met!), as you can compare notes along the way and enjoy the final results. I already have a bunch of new ideas I want to try out soon :) Thanks, Ben! And thanks to June for organizing!