Carole P.

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I was a Taxi driver in the city of Minneapolis for many years. I really liked my job and the people who got into my cab. I've been driving a bus for the past few years and I enjoy that too. I had spent one year in Overland Park, Kansas driving school bus and that is when I began going to estate sales. I had also worked as a "barker" selling tours in Ketchikan, Alaska as tourist descended from the cruise ships onto the busy dock one summer in the early 2000's. I've sold merchandise at the Kilburn Park car boot sale in North London, England and now I think I have found a way to combine these experiences into one package to find my way back into the taxi business which I have missed very much.
I hope my customers like my tours and that it also becomes profitable for them when they find the treasures they are looking for and things they can re-sell on auction sites such as eBay.
Thank you for looking at my tours and reading all of this.