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Hello! I am Pablo, from Granada,

Since I was real young, my uncle, history professor at The University of Granada, has influenced me a lot. He taught me all about history, architecture and Spanish art focusing on Granada.
So, by now I have a wealth knowledge about the culture and history of Granada.
I have lived in Germany, Atlanta and Montana(Missoula), where I attended pharmacy school for almost a year and a half.
I love to travel and meet new people from different countries and cultures, I also really enjoy opportunities for cultural exchange and interesting conversation.
My travels have taken me from East Asia to the Western United States, stopping at place like Mexico, Israel Cuba, Turkey, Cambodia,Belize or Thailand.
So, why not fuse two of my favourite’s activities into one: Show my city to travelers from all around the world. This way I will learn about them, and they will be able to tell me what they think about Granada.
Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe where you c... [More]