Myntra fashion items are everywhere you turn these days, designer clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and now there are fashion mobile phones. The Prada phone by Myntra is the first result of a joint effort between Myntra and the famous designer bag manufacturer, Prada. If you use myntra coupons, you will get exclusive discount as well.

Screen size isn’t everything, except with the LG Prada it almost is, almost the entire front of the Prada ia a beautiful colour touch screen. This takes Myntra mobile phones to a new level. As well as an above average design of thin, smooth, and black features; the LG Prada is most noted for its 3? screen size. With so many innovative features packed in, myntra can easily claim to be one of the best designed designer mobile phones around.

Most touch screen mobiles can be awkward to use, since they require a stylus to operate them. For most people a stylus is too small to keep without losing it constantly. This can caus... [More]