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Adriana C.
Adriana C. for Navigate Paris

Anne was so lovely! She really made the effort to show us what we were looking for. We've-my au pair friends and I- have been living in the outskirts of Paris for about 8 months, so we knew the general arrondissements, but wanted a local's perspective. Before meeting up, Anne asked us our favorite areas, and told us all about those areas, as well as places we hadn't known as much information about. I love Le Marais, and she showed me all the great shops I could go to when I was off work, as well as different local artists and opportunities available that I never could've learned without the tour. I would definitely recommend her to everyone, visiting or local! Thank you Anne!

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Anne D.

Had an awesome day with Adriana and friends! It was my first tour without parents and loved that :) Great questions!