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I have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life, working in the food industry. Now my friend and I own a small organic eatery in the Mission district in San Francisco. I enjoy movies very much.

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Dylan C.
Dylan C. for Live the Island Life

Somehow I had the privilege to make it down to what I ended up calling "the large blue house" in Bocas for an entire month. I immediately became fond of the town. Everything was within walking distance downtown; bars, unusually good restaurants, and hostels for those of us who wanted to see some sun bleached hair, perpetual hangovers, and flip-flops of various colors. What I ended up enjoying most about the island was that although it was small it offered just about anything one would want on a vacation. You could go dancing all night if you wanted, or pay a friendly local to ferry you to a (somewhat) far-away island with almost no one on it, and enjoy a day of untouched sand without any other people. I was nervous soliciting strangers to take us to the middle of nowhere, but learned quickly that it was safe. Its their job. The Island can pretty much accommodate any mood you're in, which is great considering how accessible everything is. Lastly, the feel of the whole place is that it hasn't quite been exploited by annoying tourists (like myself) quite yet, so I felt like I was roughing it a bit, which made me seek out more adventure. We explored a vast cave that opened up on a secluded beach!- with a local guide.) The large blue house is on the water right outside of town, and we quickly became friends with the neighbors who were super friendly. The house is big, very cozy, and has that delicious caribbean breeze wafting through it at all hours. A true comfort for mellow lounging, or refuge after a long jungle hike.

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Vayable T.
Vayable T. for Travel From Farm to Table

Despite what Dylan says, this tour is great for anyone from vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores, and strict carnivores. You will get to see how a rabbit farm works and pick up some wine an hour outside of San Francisco. You'll meet Dylan in the Mission district of San Francisco, and he'll bring you back in one piece after your expedition to the ranch! You'll get to learn to cook with Ian, the chef, and enjoy a wonderful meal. After all, everyone has to eat!

June L.
June L. for Travel From Farm to Table

Beast and the Hare is a hip, new restaurant in the Mission! When I found out that they could do tours of where they get their rabbit charcuterie from, I was stoked! Dylan is a great, engaging, hilarious guy. He's always joking non-stop and knows a ton about food and farms! It was great to get the insider scoop about a restaurant that pretty much all my friends have been to. Going on this adventure definitely makes you the truly cool one out of your hipster friend group.