San Francisco consistently ranks as one of the most walkable cities in the US, so I invite you to lace up your shoes and come discover it with me. Each of my walking tours is designed to engage your senses through unique activities, such as tasting authentic Dim Sum in Chinatown or enjoying a 19th century cocktail in an old saloon. I look forward to meeting you and showing you my city!

Reviews for Ryan R.
Stephanie R.
Stephanie R. for Night Howl: The Beat Generation's SF

I really enjoyed the tour with Ryan. He was knowledgable, funny, and very kind. Be prepared to walk during this tour, as it does go on for 2 hours. That being said, I didn't really notice the length as we went along because: 1. Ryan was considerate of my pace (slow). 2. We stopped frequently to talk about different landmarks and how they related to the Beats. 3. Ryan sprinkled in some general facts about North Beach and SF, so the tour felt expansive. I could tell Ryan had done his research! While no Beat expert myself, I was impressive by the depth and breadth of his knowledge. He not only talked about the key, male players but also highlighted the female members of the movement (like ruth weiss and Carolyn Cassidy). At major landmarks (like a favorite Beat hangout in Chinatown or the basement bar where they would gather), Ryan shared quotes from Kerouac's novels. I liked this touch, as it grounded the tour in Beat writing. The Beat Museum was a great place to start the tour (although Ryan mentioned the he usually ends the daytime tour at the museum). It was interestingly laid out (two stories in a book shop) and had some good information about the Beats as well as personal possessions from some of the writers. My favorite part was the classic car (reference in On the Road) as you walked out. Ryan was very nice at the end of our tour. I was famished after a long day at work, and he suggested (and then walked me to) an excellent Chinese restaurant in the area. Well played, sir.


Ryan is a knowledgeable guide who will show you an interesting part and history of San Francisco. The tour is a must for people into the Beat generation but also for those who are interested in literature and history in general. I think it's fascinating to hear the stories and see the places where they took place.