Ángel C.

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So let's introduce myself!

I grew up in Úbeda for the half of my life. It's one of the most beautiful place in Jaén province and World Heritage city.

I was living in Granada, the bewitches city, for the rest of time until now.

I love both like i was born at same time at them.

I am passionate person who really enjoy everything i do. Every culture. Every place. Every person i meet. And enjoy more showing people from different cultures my beloved cities. Also I am part of Couchsurfing community for almost 5 years.

I will show you the most untypical and hidden gems from Granada. I will threat you like a local. I will share with you like a friend.

Keep in touch if you visit one of those cities and you won't forget the experience to feel like a local. To be my friend (:

Reviews for Ángel C.
Daryl O.

This event was excellent in every way! Ángel was delightful and knowledgeable. Absolutely everything about the day was a success. Highly recommended!