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I am a Russian born American from Seattle living in Southern Spain. My love affair with Andalucia started in 1997 when I studied Spanish language, culture & literature in the University of Granada. Even though life took me to many different parts of the world and gave me the gift of spending time or living in some fascinating places such as Japan, Bali/Indonesia, Russia, South Africa, India and New Zealand, Spain truly stayed in my heart over many years.
I came back and settled on the Southern Costa del Sol (in translation "the coast of sunshine").
I now share my love for yoga, health, happiness within and healthy eating with locals and visitors by organizing classes, workshops, and retreats in English, Russian & Spanish in the area of Marbella, Spain.
I hope to see you soon, share my love for life & Spain with you, and help you find your Harmony if this is what you need.
Until then...

With love from Andalucia,
Antonina :)