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On-going, talkative, really French, life-lover, music grabber, crazy dancer , good food eater only... very social and loving Vayable !

Reviews for Johanna M.

Johanna was an amazing tour guide! She was friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Her English is flawless so communication was easy. We had children with us and she was also very engaging and kind with the girls as well. We had a great shopping experience and went to places we never would have found or thought of on our own.

Christopher for Shop Paris on a Budget

Johanna is a charming and knowledgeable guide. She's a wonderful conversationalist and her knowledge of the city is encyclopedic. We spend the day exploring some great stores where she knew when and where the best things would be. I highly recommend this tour.

Cheryl M.

Our shopping experience with Johanna was one of the absolute highlights of our day and gave us a new perspective on the city. Johanna has such a warm and engaging style that we had so much fun and saw unique shops in Le Marais that we would not have found otherwise. She tailored the experience to our interests, and also showed us lovely places to eat.

Erik B.
Erik B. for Mona Lisa in 15 Minutes

This was a great short tour that delivered as advertised. We met up, skipped the line, walked over to the Mona Lisa, talked about it for a bit (amid an incredible number of people taking pictures, what is with these people?) then I spent a nice hour wandering. Great quick hit in the middle of a business day, super convenient and Johanna was wonderful. My only advice would be to do this v early in the day before the crowds build, but that is standard advice for the Louvre.

Bruno E.

I´m a certified guide tour in Rio de Janeiro and I meet lot of people from all over the world at my job. I can say, by far, that Johanna is the greatest I´ve ever meet. Smart, fun, outgoing, she has it all! We had a great hiking tour at Tijuca´s Forest on a sunny Monday! It was a pleasure to spend 4 hours with her. We shared stories, told jokes... In a nutshell, we had an amazing time. We became friends and now I can´t wait to go to Paris and meet her again, problably in one of her tours!

Don B.

Johanna was super cool and fun. She was on time, easy going and extremely friendly. Nothing bothered her at all and she was enthusiastic from start to finish. I would enjoy having her on another tour and would even hire her for a tour of my own if in Paris.

Robin S.
Robin S. for Shop Paris on a Budget

Johanna was such a pleasure to spend my first day in Paris with. She was a joy to be with and took us to so many places that I wouldn't have known. Besides being our guide she has now become my friend.

Barbara T.
Barbara T. for Shop Paris on a Budget

Johanna's tour was an amazing introduction to the Marais and a side of Paris that we would never had been able to experience. Johanna can easily negotiate traffic, crowds, English, French, buying and selling effortlessly. It was a lovely experience and we learnt about some really nice French brands.

Monica M.
Monica M. for Shop Paris on a Budget

What a wonderful shopping experience! Johanna's savvy shopping skills and her joie de vivre for all things Paris made this one of the highlights on our trip! Thanks Johanna!

William S.
William S. for Mona Lisa in 15 Minutes

Had a great experience. She brought us right in past the hour long line, straight to the Mona Lisa in the maze that is the louvre. She then pointed out all the other things we wanted to see in the Museum and since all the plaques are in French it was a great help. Great guide went above and beyond my expectations!

Reviews by Johanna M.
Johanna M.
Johanna M. for Parrot´s Peak Hiking Tour

Bruno is the best guide I ever met and as a vayable ambassador in Paris, I met a lot. He is smart and open and speaks a great English, he knows his city by heart and the jungle even better. He offer easy hiking tours but also hardcore and very experienced ones that lasts long. He also has biking tours that look great. I had the best time with him and the hiking tour was great and not too hard for me. At the end we reach a great point with a beautiful view of all Rio where we stayed and talked about our respective countries and cities and about what we could do in Rio and what is the history of Rio, etc. He also know lots about the historical events in Rio. Briefly i loved the hike and Bruno and I truly recommend to meet with him to anyone who is there :) We became great friends now and this is the best thing that can happen when you do a tour on Vayable !

Johanna M.
Johanna M. for Experience the Favela-Day or Night Tour!

First of all, Alex also called Don Blanquito, is a great person to meet. He is nice, open and very welcoming and also I felt super safe with him. On top of it, he is a great singer (rap) & we were lucky & got a CD of his songs :) Besides, the Favelas tour was great. We did it on our first day in Brazil and I recommend it :) It was real. We didnt feel like tourists who come and "visit" or "observe" how is the favela (some tours operator do it like they would visit a zoo) but we really felt like we were meeting with a friend who was living there; we had food there and met locals. Besides, favelas are not as dangerous as they used to be in the past so we really didnt fell scared at all anytime. Conclusion: alex is great, the tour is great too & it's not possible to get a better view of Rio than from a Favela ! Merci Don Blanquito. Johanna from Paris

Johanna M.

Unfortunately I did not have a chance to do Robin's tour but I met her during my own tour and really had a great time. I greatly recommend you to meet her, she is positive, enthusiastic and a great shopper that is shopping all around the world including Paris !