Hi Everyone!!

Ariane Antonio is the name. I'm 17 years existing. I blow candles every 18th of April. I'm currently living at 1117 Adelina St., Sampaloc, Manila. I grew up in Bulacan, which is my province. I'm staying here in Manila for my education.

I'm 2nd year student of Far Eastern University. I'm taking up Tourism Management.

Our professor(Ms.Mel Dizon) encouraged us to create an account in Vayable. I know this account will be a good start of my career. And also a good practice at my very young age.

Philippines has the best things to offer! The Philippines have the natural sceneries, the rich cultural heritage and warm, friendly and talented people that would make it a no. 1 "clean fun" tourism destination in South East Asia.

And I'm willing to share stories to you, including history, different facts, and all the things that will amaze you about our country.