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I started my Alternative tours years ago as a means of supporting my local community and introducing visitors to the amazing world of underground and alternative Berlin. My passion is sharing the many stories and secret places this city is famous for. I am part guide , part artist , part urban explorer but full time into making my guests experiences┬┤unforgetable ones.

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Flavio S.
Flavio S. for Alternative Berlin Experience

Liam was an exceptional guide that brought Berlin to life. We highly recommend doing this tour on your first day. In our remaining days, we kept escaping the 'touristy' parts to find refuge in places we had visited on this tour.

Minna Maari H.
Minna Maari H. for Alternative Berlin Experience

Can highly recommend this alternative to exploring the city! We had an excellent brisk insider's walk to the interesting neighbourhoods in Berlin with an excellent and cheerful guide Immagen! She was an excellent guide with plenty of stories to share. Would thoroughly recommend! Our tour lasted a little longer than the anticipated 4 hours, which was only positive, but do factor this possibility in if you are planning something else. Be sure to bring good walking shoes and an umbrella, just in case. And buy and stamp a day card for the public transit. We were in Prenzlauer Berg and Kreuzberg, not in other suburbs.

Lynn for Alternative Berlin Experience

Great tour. How great is it? It's so great I want to do it again! By the way, our tour guide is Jack, he's the best tour guide I've ever met!

Anthony A.
Anthony A. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

Very fun and informative tour. Well worth the money for sure!

Jacson P.
Jacson P. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

awesome tour

Kim R.
Kim R. for Alternative Berlin Experience

Jason showed us so much about Berlin that we couldn't have seen or learned on our own, from street art to music to the squats. This was a really cool tour!

Samantha W.
Samantha W. for Alternative Berlin Experience

Jake was our tour guide, and my friend and I really enjoyed the tour. In addition to being generally likable and great at storytelling as we trekked around the city, our guide pointed out street art by well known artists and shared some background about the pieces, noted the use and reuse of space in the city, touched on the history of some sites that had particularly strong ties to WWII and the Cold War, and mentioned some of the highlights and challenges the city faces today. Although we only had a weekend to spend in Berlin, the tour helped us scratch a little past the surface of this fascinating city. We easily went over the four hours of the tour, so we definitely got to see a lot of the city for a good price! Definitely worth it - I would recommend!

Thanos P.
Thanos P. for Alternative Berlin Experience

The tour was awesome. You learn such a great things about how Berlin became what you see now. Cultural, historic and street facts along with great scenery and hidden neighborhoods that you would never visit from your own, away from tourists and the usual sites you can learn on Tripadvisor. If you want to have a quick taste of what is the real Berlin, you should definitely book this tour.

Bella W.
Bella W. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

It was a fun and nice experience to get to know about street art in Berlin. I can not only discover some of the coolest street art and graffiti but get the chance to learn some graffiti techniques and make my own piece. What an awesome tour!!

Romana V.
Romana V. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

This tour is definitely worth the money. Great orientation to a really cool city. We brought our 2 teenagers along who loved it. Our guide, Rob, was personable, knowledgeable, funny, and made Berlin's street art and graffiti scene come alive with his first-hand knowledge and stories. We also met some other interesting people on the tour from all over the world. After seeing inspiring examples of street art, it was great to have the opportunity to try our hands at stenciling. We liked this tour and workshop so much we are planning to do their Real Berlin tour before we leave Berlin.

Hannah K.
Hannah K. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

This tour was great! My guide, Adrian, was an awesome guy and super informative. The whole experience was a lot of fun, well worth it and exposed me to a more underground side of Berlin. I'd recommend to anyone else!

Prabhjot for Alternative Berlin Experience


Geertje&savannah for Street Art Workshop and Tour

Hello we are two students from a Dutch bilingual school. For a project for school we need to do a research. Our research is about the Berlin Wall and it's art. We'd like to go on this tour, but we don't know how to actually do it. Could you please help us out? Thank you very much!

Howard H.
Howard H. for Alternative Berlin Experience

My wife and I were the only ones on the tour due to the great difficulty in finding the meeting place. Mati gave a phenomenal 5 hour tour covering a tremendous amount of ground, including the history and sites of East and West Berlin, graffiti art in Berlin. the Jewish section of Berlin and much more. He was able to answer every question we had nad was a delight to be with, I would recommend him to anyone who takes this tour.

Mc Kinley
Mc Kinley for Street Art Workshop and Tour

I was super jazzed about taking this tour, but my boyfriend was a skeptic. In the end, he loved it. The tour was well-planned and got us into to several areas of Berlin we had not visited previously. There was plenty to photograph and appreciate based on the information our very-knowledgable, and very much in the scene (as an artist and gallery curator), guide provided. It was a great balance of prepared information and Q&A, which I found most interesting (to get answers to my own questions and hear those provided to others). And, the workshop was great, because there is nothing like being tasked with preparing and stencil and being given a choice of spray cans and access to many different materials for making the piece more interesting, plus some expert guidance from the guides/artists, to really understand the complexity and artistry of the art that was pointed out during the tour. Thanks to the team for the great experience.

Christopher L.
Christopher L. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

I've been into street art for a while and like to keep up with the changing murals in my hometown of San Francisco, but I had never actually messed around with spray paint or stencils before. Having Adie teach me some of the techniques used (including using standard kitchenware to create some awesome background patterns on my stencil) was a great experience! The tour bit was also really unique, even for a street art tour: at one point, we hopped onto the S-bahn and crowded against the windows to catch a glimpse of large-scale pieces as they whizzed by. I'd never done anything like that before, and I think it's an incredible way to see the art that Berlin has to offer. I highly recommend taking this tour if you get a chance!

Tal P.
Tal P. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

The street art tour was fantastic! There was a good balance between touring street art and creating our own art, and Adie (our guide) was full of information and entertaining stories that aren't google-able. Also, he took us to non-touristy areas. Bonus points for that. I'd highly recommend this tour.

Jenna M.
Jenna M. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

I knew nothing about street art coming into this tour, and learned so much about the history and current art scene. At the same time, we were traversing different neighborhoods in Berlin and checking out things I never would've found on my own. Adie was a wealth of info and this was an awesome way to try something new and explore Berlin at the same time!

Kyle P.
Kyle P. for Street Art Workshop and Tour

We visited Berlin for 2 weeks, and I felt like I didn't really see the city until we took this great Street Art Workshop and Tour by Adie. He was super knowledgable and took us on a great walking/transit tour of Berlin's amazing street art scene. I definitely recommend this tour.