Juliane B.

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Does having kids mean that your travel bug has buzzed its last? Nope
Traveling enriches your mind and enlightens your soul, it allows you to see everything from a new perspective. When you return from any travel take a moment and notice the ways it has enriched you as a person and changed your point of view. So think about the benefits you can provide to your kids when you travel with them. I am Brazilian. I lived 12 years away from Brazil. Spent most of those years in England. Two years in Australia, years on and off between South Africa and Brazil. I also gave myself 2 years travel around Asia, where I had the chance to stay for several months in Indonesia, one of my favorite destination. I have always traveled on my own. Three years ago I returned to Brazil but I continue traveling. But now I have the best traveler company, my 8 years old daughter.