Tevz C.

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For the last 7 years I have been guiding foreign guests on mountain bike trips, kayaking trips and whole day adventure trips in the area of Bled and Bovec. It is a privilege not to work in an office, doing what you like, meeting new people that are eager to learn something new and have fun along the way. That’s what keeps you fresh and young by heart! Or as I say: “Bad day outdoors is still better than a good day in the office!”

In my opinion bicycle is the best invention in history of mankind. It is easy to use and maintain and it gives you this immense feeling of freedom. And that’s exactly how I felt as a kid when I learned to ride a bike. Bikes have been part of my life since then. I use it to run errands all over the town, to meet friends for drinks along the riverbank or just cruise around on a nice day. On a free day I hop on my mountain bike and hit the trails in our beautiful Alps. It happens that I also spend my vacations at least partially on a bike. Touring cycling the South Island of New ... [More]

Reviews for Tevz C.
Luis F.

This was a great tour! Tevz knows his way around and every place was interesting. I learned a lot about history, art, geography and culture from Ljubljana and Slovenia in general and both the bike and the route were comfortable and enjoyable. I want to go back and discover more of Slovenia in the future, for the most part for what I learned in this tour. I was also just for one day there, so this was a perfect plan for the short time. Recommended.