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I truly believe in the positive transformation that travel, new cultural experiences, and unexpected inspirations can bring about for yourself, those around you, and the world. I have never felt more alive than surfing the currents of happenstance and joyous surprises, collecting stories and photos on once-in-a-lifetime journeys to breathtaking locales (www.flickr.com/itswenson).

I hope to do my part in helping you feel as good as I've experienced first-hand through the design of unforgettable custom journeys!

I worked and lived in Japan, traveling Asia for 6 years (originally planned to just go for a year and pay off a credit card). A cultural anthropologist at heart, I earned a Master's degree in Japanese Sociology and became fluent in the language while abroad. In addition to a familiarity with travel logistics and the physical terrain, I also have deep insight into customs, religious and cultural significances, as well as your relation to it as a visitor.

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