Reviews by Tony V.
Tony V.

Paul's tour was excellent! Paul spoke to our group of 12, ranging in age from 16-65, and engaged us all in the stories of the White House and its occupants. Everyone in our group found the tour exceptional. Paul even took the time to learn about what we were doing in the city (working with agencies helping the needy across DC) and tailored his tour to some things that we were interested in. Thanks for a great visit! I'd recommend this tour to anyone!

Reviews for Tony V.
Paul B.

Tony V.'s group was a church group from South Carolina. It was a privilege to meet them and I was impressed with the variety of their questions and the knowledge they possessed. They were especially interested in religion and the presidency and we had a good discussion about that. I noted that four presidents - Jefferson, Lincoln, Taft and Obama - were labeled atheists by their rivals, and how, with the probable exception of Taft, this generally was not so. Hoover and Nixon were also Quakers. Quakers are not supposed to curse and are opposed to war - yet I pointed out that Nixon cursed throughout the Watergate tapes and was not altogether opposed to using war to further his strategic goals in Southeast Asia. I enjoyed the lively discussion with them.